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5 out of 5 stars based on 890 reviews.

Patient Review by Marissa S

I was extremely nervous to get my tooth retreated, but Dr Silberman explained everything in detail and made me feel very comfortable. It was done quickly and was even shown before & after x-rays and WOW! love it

- Marissa S

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Patient Review by Marilyn F

I felt very comfortable and I was explained in detail everything I needed to know regarding my current tooth issue.

- Marilyn F

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Patient Review by Stuart W

Everybody was very nice and professional.

- Stuart W

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Patient Review by Jennifer S

Highly recommended. Excellent office and top notch care. I was very impressed with their friendliness and professionalism.

- Jennifer S

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Patient Review by Lupe E

I am always nervous about visiting the dentist, visiting your office has been the most pleasant experience ever! Thank you very much for your patience and your kindness relating to my dental fears. I would definitely recommend your office!!

- Lupe E

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Patient Review by Tami S

No one WANTS a root canal, but if one is needed, there is no better place to get it. The entire experience was awesome. I have severe dental work anxiety and Dr. S and his asst. did all they could to calm me nerves. Once my tooth was numb, there was no pain and only minimal discomfort from the procedure. I had no pain when I left last night, and I still have ZERO pain this morning. I will tell anyone who will listen how amazing Dr. S. and his staff are. It was such a blessing to have the procedure done, the tooth ache gone and to have left with such a positive experience. If all dentists and their staff were like this, I wouldn't have to have dental work anxiety! I hope I won't ever need another one....but if I do, I would go back definitely.

- Tami S

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Patient Review by amanda l

Dr.S, staff and facility are great.

- amanda l

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Patient Review by Jesus E

I am very pleased with how I have been treated

- Jesus E

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Patient Review by Todd N

I have had 2 other root canal therapy at the office. Each time I asked the doctor to preform the procedure with no shots to numb the area and he said no problem. The process was flawless and with no pain. He is the best specialist dentist in the valley or anywhere for that matter. Also his personality is awesome. Thank you doctor Pettersen. I wish I could get all my dentistry preformed by him.

- Todd N

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Patient Review by Robert W

I went in to see Dr Petterson with the hope he could save my tooth. Previous Dr's had told me there was no other option but to pull the tooth out. In my situation, due to the fact there is no tooth next to the one that's having a problem, I hoped we could save the tooth. That's why I went to your firm--I wanted a chance to save the tooth. Dr Petterson has given me that chance.

- Robert W

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Patient Review by Brad B

I was very impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the dentist in their conduct and willingness to explain what needed to be done, how it would be done and what the cost were going to be. There was no real pain including the shots.

- Brad B

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Patient Review by Roxanna S

Excellent service and care!

- Roxanna S

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Patient Review by Jenny B

No on is ever excited to have a root canal, but I've had several done at ranch Endodontics and it's a piece of cake!! Thank you all for being so sweet and comforting to this nervous nilly!

- Jenny B

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Patient Review by Jenny M


- Jenny M

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Patient Review by Julie P

I wish I could get all my work done here. I'd transfer in a heartbeat.

- Julie P

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Patient Review by vaneesa k

Excellent dental care and excellent service! I felt very comfortable, despite the difficult procedure I was undergoing. Many thanks!

- vaneesa k

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Patient Review by Jacqueline B

Dr.Silberman and his staff are simply superb!!! From the greeting at the front desk to the sweet chair side assistant, truly personable professionals. I was in so much pain when I arrived at my appointment I couldn't even isolate the tooth that was making me lose both sleep and my mind. Dr.Silberman was kind and patient. Genuinely concerned and sympathetic to my needs. He talked me through his thought process helping me determine the source of my agony. The thing is I'm no stranger to this type of dental treatment. I was so frustrated I couldn't say," yeah it's definitely that tooth, Let's get'er done!!!" The good doctor had to spend quite a bit of time with me until we found the culprit. He completed my procedure in no time. Dr.Silberman gave me three important things 1)excellent care 2) piece of mind and most importantly for me 3)his full attention Thank you Rancho Endodontics for providing such a comfortable caring environment. I definitely left feeling confident about our treatment plan and absolutely cared for.

- Jacqueline B

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Patient Review by Linda g

Everything about my experience with the office was superb. All of the office staff were very nice and accommodating. The procedure itself was done quickly and with little pain. I was very impressed with Dr and how well my root canal was handled. I would highly recommend this office to anyone! Thank you

- Linda g

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Patient Review by Melissa J

I was referred here by my dentist and was very pleased with her referral! While going to any dental appointment isn't an experience you look forward to, it's great to know you are in good hands while you are there!

- Melissa J

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Patient Review by guy b

Was very happy with the staff and the Dr. Took time with me and explained everything to me in a way that I could understand

- guy b

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